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Here are some examples of our exercises and advice that we provide to the owners and members of family businesses.

Successful Succession - Succession--the transition from one generation to the next--is the greatest challenge that family businesses face.  Learn three fundamental components to successful succession.

What The Next Generation Is Thinking - We've spoken with hundreds of young family members, asking their views about their family businesses.  Here are the most typical ten responses we hear from the next generation.

Family Taboos - Are they holding your business back?  How good is your family at dealing with typically taboo subjects like money, death, mistakes, and feelings?

Why Family Businesses Endure - Many characteristics explain why family businesses endure.  We ask you to consider three characteristics that aren't so obvious.

Harming Your Family Business - What might you be doing that harms your family business? Don't answer "nothing" too quickly.  Answer these five thought-provoking questions about your involvement with your family business.

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