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Drs. Pat & Paul Frishkoff
Globally-Experienced Consultants Specializing In Family Businesses


Speaking and Presentations

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A talented team, we dynamically interact to inform, and entertain. Audiences appreciate our unique blend of offering advice, challenging assumptions, and calling it as it is.

  • University programs
  • Trade associations
  • Distributor and franchise companies
  • Family educational meetings
Types of Presentations
  • Keynote addresses
  • "Hands-on" workshops
  • Trainings
  • Length may vary from "after-dinner" to several days
Sample Titles

We customize a presentation for each group. Titles requested often include:

  • Why Family Businesses Endure
  • Succession (or . . . “How to Make Your Children Furious, Your Business Unmanageable, and Uncle Sam Your Principal Heir”)
  • Straight Talk About Money
  • Discussing the Undiscussable: Money, Mistakes, Mortality and Mothers-in-Law
  • Life Stages in the Family Business
  • From Vision to Action: Using Storyboards to Design the Future
  • Star Status or Small-town Style: Marketing Your Family Business
Ingredients that Make our Speaking Different
  • Meaningful, interactive exercises that emphasize issues
  • Handouts that are easy-to-follow, and practical takeaways
  • Real-life examples
  • An end-of-session action plan
  • Humor

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