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Drs. Pat & Paul Frishkoff
Globally-Experienced Consultants Specializing In Family Businesses



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We guide the stakeholders in your family business - this generation and the next.

We believe that decisions about the future are yours to make. We place issues on the table, ask the hard questions, facilitate discussion, and offer observations.

We help you work through issues, including vision, succession, communications, planning, leadership, ownership, governance, and growth.

We are known for our honesty, our intuition, and for making work into fun.

Our Clientele

Family businesses share common situations, across industries; we bring experience in agriculture, construction, forestry, manufacturing, retail, distribution, and high tech. Clients vary in size, in the number of owners, and in longevity.

Our ideal client is a healthy family business in the West.

Our Consultation Process

We strongly prefer to consult as a Pat-and-Paul team. We meet individually with key stakeholders, and include family meetings as part of each engagement. Recognizing the ties between business and family, we evaluate the implications of actions on both. We collaborate with other business advisors, such as CPAs and attorneys, as situations warrant.


We use the technique, storyboard creation, in consulting and in workshops. Participants write down thoughts, questions, and action plans, on post-it sheets, and attach them to a project board. This method encourages “ownership” of ideas. Clients tell us that they are far more likely to follow through when the results are in their handwriting and words.

The notes are memorabilia from meetings and retreats. They can be left on the board, or moved to a notebook, to use in follow- through. (Note the sample on this page.)

On-Site Visits

Pat and Paul relish opportunities to visit business owners at their places of work.  They are pictured here with owner Anne Kiefer and chef (and nephew) Trent at The Creole Skillet, Anne's most recent venture in the restaurant industry in New Orleans.

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