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Leadership In Family Enterprise

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Who are Pat and Paul, and what is LIFE?

Pat and Paul Frishkoff - We are one of the few couples in the world who, working together, guide family businesses - this generation and the next.

Partners in the consulting practice Leadership In Family Enterprise (LIFE), we specialize in succession planning, communications, governance, and harmonious day-to-day operations of family-owned businesses.

Our Services
Read about our consulting philosophy, mix of clients, and our unique approach as a "Consulting Couple."   

Discover how we present together with passion, intensity, and humor, generating exceptional take-home value for our audiences.

Learn what we advise about family business succession, longevity, communications, and differences between generations.   

Glean tips and tools from online articles.  Read about upcoming workshops and conferences.

Links to Cornell University's extensive library of videos covering entrepreneurial topics.

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